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Amazon's Kindle Store proudly presents: the future of reading

YES! The all-new Kindle Fire HD is here! Click Here
to see them all

Founder & CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos personally introduces the new e-readers now on sale.

What is the press saying about the digital e-reader from Amazon? Read this report on Techcrunch.

See review on Youtube (10 minutes).

See All Kindle Covers See All Kindle Skins See All Kindle Ebooks
Kindle Cover With Built-In Light
DecalGirl Kindle Skin 2-Year Extended Warranty for Kindle (6" Display, Wi-Fi, Latest Generation), U.S. customers only

Kindle Wi-Fi, 6” Book Reader Features 

With its 50% better contrast ratio and its attractive graphite color, this latest Kindle Wi-Fi gadget – the 3rd Generation - allows great wireless reading experience. 

What makes this device so much tempting is its small and light body, plus better hardware for smoother and quicker operations. 

People using Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Pearl Display are all praise for this little device. Indeed, it has become one of the best e-book reading gadgets.  


  • Its e-ink screen has high contrast, 50% better, which is something new. You see clear images on screen.
  • Screen is without glare. It makes possible to read even under bright natural light.
  • The device is just 8.5 ounces and one-third inch thick! This means the gadget is sleeker than a magazine.
  • It can store about 3,500 books! The device has an enormous collection of more than 950,000 books, including audio books, blogs, periodicals, and best sellers of New York Times.
  • More than 770,000 books on Kindle Wi-Fi, 6” are priced around $9.99. Of course, it includes the best sellers!
  • You get a huge collection of out-of-copyright books.
  • You can download from the Kindle Store and go through the initial chapters of books free of cost, just as you would do in a brick-and-mortar shop. You can then decide to purchase.
  • It features built-in Facebook and Twitter integration.
  • One of its amazing features is that the gadget can read out aloud to you in English.

(By the way: you don’t need an internet connection to read books on your e-reader. Only when downloading, e-books, e-newspapers etc. you need to connect to the internet.)
More Info

Read here all the Customer Reviews) from Kindle users on

Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi

Kindle 3G (Free 3G + Wi-Fi) is well known for its extended battery life, convenient features, better contrast ratio, and other enhancements.

This Kindle 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi version has more surprises for you. It is a sort of treat for the gadget freaks who are always on the lookout for some thrill in technology.

It has some of these specialties:

  • You enjoy PDF document delivery free.
  • You can transfer audio books with clear audibility to kindle via Wi-Fi without a PC. When you connect to Wi-Fi for quick downloads, Kindle shuts off 3G service automatically.
  • The PDF reader harbors six contrast alternatives. The Kindle app displays a cursor to highlight words on screen.
  • The new web kit browser is amazing! It enables Kindle 3 to zoom, display the actual size of websites, and fit the page to the device. You also find a text-only ‘article mode.”
  • If you are a writer, you can actually watch your books download on Kindle 3G Free 3G + Wi-Fi.
  • You can set the time manually. This comes in handy when outside the network area of 3G.
  • You get a full screen view. This happens because the book header gets hidden, which leaves extra space for content.
  • You get the advantage of two dictionaries - The Oxford Dictionary of English and The New Oxford American Dictionar.
  • You can delete a complete line of content through the Alt-Del key combination.

Kindle 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi displays advanced technology and gives you a chance to flaunt your techie edge. The Kindle, with its audio and power controls as well as ports at the bottom corner of the device, makes for a cool gadget. Ah! The glossy microphone adds to the gadget’s oomph! The low price of this device makes sure that you, in no case, deprive yourself of this marvelous technology. More info

Read Reviews from Customers

Which Is Better Choice—Kindle Wifi Or Kindle 3G?

Both the Kindle wifi and the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi have the power to render you incredible reading experience. Both boast of a massive data storage capacity and can accommodate around 3,500 books.


Kindle 3G: The built-in 3G broadband connection gives you an excellent browsing experience indoors and outdoors. You can download content or entire books with ease. Ideal for those readers who are travelling a lot or stay in places where they don’t have wifi.

Kindle wifi: Those working from home can choose Kindle wifi because they might already have high-speed internet connection. Again, it is not that one is better. Both have similar features and you do not lose, if you choose either of them.

What does your pocket say?

Now here is the difference! Both Kindle wifi and Kindle 3G are differently priced. The gadget with 3G is costlier than that with wifi because the former has 3G network connection which allows you to download books when you are away from home.

Yet, it seems economical over time, as you escape from the monthly or yearly bills for 3G cellular internet connection. For those who love to splurge can take both 3G and wifi. After all, the more technology your gadget has, the more sophisticated you look.

More info: see Kindle Store

Steps to Self-Publishing Your Book:

  • Sign in your account.
  • Select “Add New Item” option.
  • Type the book details, which includes title of your book, keywords, word limit, and others.  Have you an ISBN? Use it. If not, leave the option blank.
  • Upload the cover photos. You also get an option of “Digital Rights Management”. Save your entries.
  • Click on “Content Rights”. Choose buttons for areas where you have sales rights. Check the box to make sure you got the right for content uploading.
  • Upload your book.
  • Enter the retail price of your book. Usually, you can sell your book for a minimum of 99 cents and maximum $200. Amazon keeps a percentage of the profit. Please try to keep price low in beginning. You need to develop an audience first. Once this happens and people become a fan of your writing, you can publish your second book with a higher price.
  • Click on “Publish”.
  • Your book will appear in the Kindle Store within 24 hours! Congratulations!


Choose the keywords wisely. It is one of the factors that contributes to the success or failure of your book. People will locate your book through keywords. It is crucial to have a cover image of your book in Amazon’s product display page for increasing the product appeal. How many times have you clicked on some product that has no image?  

You must fulfill the specific requirements of the Kindle store and its app to ensure a smooth publishing procedure. What if you have an error in your book?If you have not uploaded yet, relax! Simply upload the corrected text. The app will overwrite.  

So, have you a book to publish? The Kindle store is waiting!

The Kindle App For The iPad, iPhone, And iPod

The Kindle store has more than 750,000 books. This makes it one of the largest eBook stores ever! To download books from this store, you need this Kindle app if you want to read e-books from your iPhone or other Mac products. To download this app, go to Kindle App Store for Mac users.

Features of Mac Kindle app

One thing that catches your eye in Kindle app is its striking interface. As soon as you open the app, your screen fills up with beautiful book covers and a great background. Another eye-catching feature of it is Whispersync. It is a built-in feature that enables you to read books on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, or other devices. It even puts a bookmark on where you stop reading.

This application also harbors search features and a built-in dictionary. You can customize the font size and background color as well.

The Free Version


The free Kindle app has arrived with its latest version 2.5 update. This allows you to utilize the multi-tasking capacity of iOS4. It provides support to umpteen numbers of free e-books from different web sources and adds a few small enhancements.


The updated application supports side loading of content. It allows you to add compatible files to the Kindle library from other applications or mail attachment that use iOS feature.


This is not all. You can also drag the files to the app via iTunes. For this, you need to connect your iOS device to the PC or Mac. You click on the Apps option, scroll down to find a list of apps that support file transfer, choose the Kindle app, and drag the compatible files to the window on the right side.


Kindle Is Simple


The Kindle application, though striking in its features, renders a simple, sliding experience to its users. Although it may not provide the same page-turning effect as that in other applications, yet the simplicity of this app charms you. Read Books about Kindle app itunes

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Are you shopping from outside the USA? gladly accepts orders from all around the globe. More info:International Shipping

Questions about your Kindle? Go To: Kindle Support
How to save money while shopping at Amazon Kindle Store
Kindle pdf - How it works
Kindle Education: how the e-reader can improve learning
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Kindle Leather Cover, Black Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burgundy Red. More Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Burnt Orange Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Hot Pink

These are just a few covers for your Kindle. Browse all Covers

You're not satisfied with your (Kindle) skin? Get a new one! See All Adhesive Kindle Skins

Kindle Skin with library print. For more info click on the picture For more info about this product click on the image Details about this product More info about this adhesive skin
DecalGirl Kindle Skin " Above the Clouds" Skin Kindle Skin with Tree Print Kindle Skin Flowers

 Are you bit depressed? Light up YOUR KINDLE:See all Kindle reading lights

Clip on Reading Light for your Kindle
Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (White) Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle (Black) Most populair:

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light

Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light (Kindle Version) Black

Other accessoires from Amazon's Kindle Store

This is a Kindle Power Adapter
Need an extra power adapter?See all Kindle Power Adapters

You can find here all types of adapters for your Kindle including if you need one for the EU, UK or Australia. Or USA of course. If you can't find it here you can't find it anywhere.

White Earbud Headphones for Amazon Kindle 2 E-Book Reader

See All Headphones

Kindle 3 Pictures

Kindle 3G Video

Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6

How do the 3G and WiFi versions differ?

Electronic Book ReadersKindle Lighted Leather Cover, Hot Pink rrom Amazon are even more amazing

Amazon's Kindle Store explains in short the new features of their ereader with built-in Wifi

Buy The New Kindle From Amazon


How does the Latest Kindle Compares to the previous generation


Are you a writer? Maximizing Amazon Kindle Sales of Your Repurposed Written Content

Info: Kindle Store - Now Offering Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs and Over 630,000 Books
Kindle epuB - Instructions how to convert google epub books for your Kindle. Link opens new window.
News: Amazon removes Ebooks (new window)

What's the better ereader Kindle or iPad

First introduced in the USA in 2007 by Amazon The Kindle is a portable wireless reading device that can read digital books, blogs, newspapers, etc.
When introduced this amazing reading device it took the world by storm. The first Kindle was sold out in less than 6 hours. In 2008 the second generation was put on the market. And now the Kindle DX 2009 has arrived.

The Kindle Store has more than 360,000 e-books available, plus newspapers, magazines and more. Choose from the following e-readers, all provided by Amazon.

The Latest Kindle Wifi 2010. Ready for the holidays.

Most populair page on Kindle Store:
Pictures from Celebrities with their Kindle
Kindle Song from the Amazon Commercial is taking the world by storm.
New: Personal review of Kindle
And here's another user: I LOVE my Kindle

Mr. Letterman - Need inspiration for your list? 10 Reasons to Buy a Kindle
Most people only need one, but here I try to come with 10 reasons why this is the best choice.
Lady and her Kindle at table in France # 1 Bestselling, #1 Most Wished For and # 1 Most Gifted item on Amazon:

Kindle U.S. & International Wireless. Travelling a lot outside the US? Then you definately want this latest International Wireless reading device from the Amazon Store. Global Coverage: Enjoy 3G wireless coverage at home or abroad in over 100 countries.

Large Selection: Over 360,000 books, including 101 of 112 New York Times® Best Sellers, plus U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs.


Kindle Lighted Leather Cover, Hot Pink td width="425">
Kindle Leather Cover Prodigy Genuine Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge Genuine Leather Kindle Jacket with Hinge
The Lost Symbol - Dan Brown - Kindle Edition Pursuit of Honor -  Vince Flynn - Kindle Edition The Scarpetta Factor by Patricia Cornwell - Kindle Edition
You can Start reading ebooks on your e-reader in under a minute. Don't have a Kindle?
Buy Here Your All-New Kindle Wifi from Amazon

Video about your Kindle DX Latest Generation. You can buy it right here!

Facebook Links.
Pictures Kindle taken from Flickr
What does the media has to say about the Kindle DX.

Pictures: Can't find a cooler ebook reader

Article: What's the coolest e-reader in town? Have you ever sat down on a plane for a long flight only to discover that you’ve forgotten to bring your favorite book with you to read? Have you ever settled in for a long wait at the auto repair shop only to realize that their television is broken and you have nothing to look at but the dust gathering on all the magazines? Read full story
Opinion: Buy Kindle. Why? The ebook digital reader is the wave of the future.  Every day, print articles and books are being converted to a digital format and dispersed to e book distributors all over the world.  The shift is quite understandable.  To put it simply, an electronic ebook reader is cleaner, more convenient and more compact than almost every form of printed text. Read full story

      Kindle DX

"I bought the Kindle 2 for my husband's birthday. He travels quite a bit and not having to carry around the books and the ability to buy a book anywhere, anytime is invaluable!! Thank you, thank you!" Comment from Facebook Kindle Fanpage. Yes, they excist! At this moment they have 3,783 member. So after buying one you might want to join the club.

If you like more to join a Fangroup specializing in making pictures of your e-reader than Flickr is als a great place to hang out.

And while you're at it don't miss out on this Flickr page as well. Comments are great this Amazon device.

Why choose Amazon Kindle wireless reading device?

- You can buy a book and it's on your Kindle within a minute. Amazon has now more than 300,000 plus e-books available for you
- You don't have to go to a store. Download it from your bed, at the swimming pool, at the back of the cab, you name it.
- Read free book samples, before deciding to buy.
- It's the future! Goodby to books, hello to Kindle.
We're your home for everything Kindle!

Check out the site and tell us what you think. You can stop by the News page for all the latest developments in the world of Amazon Kindle's. Go to the video page and watch reviews before you spend any of you hard earned money.  Can't get enough of the Kindle Store?  Thank you for visiting The Kindle Store we hope to see you again soon!

This is the video Kindle DX Extended Demo (with a little bit of background noise)

Get your very own Kindle right here: Kindle: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

Betty: "I love my Kindle. I read a greater variety of authors and subjects than ever before and FASTER!!!!"

Featured Story - Amazon Kindle DX is now a Business Document Reader.

  The Amazon Kindle DX can now be used to view business reports and graphs. But the business world doesn't seem to be taking to the idea of the Kindle being there business document reader for some obvious reasons. The Kindle is in black and white, which is great for books but if you want to read graphs and some business documents color is necessary. And with a price like the Amazon Kindle DX has if your buying it only to read business documents you might as well just get an ipod or iphone that can read them because there color at least. So in conclusion I'm sure that the Amazon Kindle DX will not catch on as a Business Document reader but its still the best choice if your an ebook reader by far.

 Have You Had Your Kindle Signed?

The new era of book signings has begun! People all over the world are turning to electronic book readers like the Kindle, Kindle 2, and Kindle DX. This means that in order to attend a book signing you have to have your kindle signed due to the fact that you don't have the actual physical book in your possession. So next time you hear of a book signing going on take your Kindle to get it signed

Featured Product - The Kindle DX: New Product Features. Slim:  Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines. Carry Your Library: Holds up to 3,500 books, periodicals, and documents. Beautiful Large Display: 9.7" diagonal e-ink screen reads like real paper; boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and sharp images. Auto-Rotating Screen: Display auto-rotates from portrait to landscape. More about the Kindle DX.

Product Accessories: The Kindle Store is ready for the Kindle DX and we want to make sure your ready to! Make sure that you don't forget to buy all the necessary accessories with your Kindle DX like the Amazon Kindle DX Leather Cover, and the Amazon Kindle DX 2-Year Extended Warranty! If you don't get any accessories but these 2 you'll be fine because the leather cover will protect your Kindle DX from external wear and the 2-Year Warranty will protect it from anything else that might happen.

Sunshine Giulky had this to say abou the reading device: "I absolutely adore my Kindle DX and am using it whenever possible in my classes in graduate school. I just wish it showed real page numbers!"

You don't believe Sunshine? Even the BBC News was blown away by the latest e-reader.

Detailed info on Wikipidea

Youtube Video about the Kindle 2.


Lisay (The exclamation marks are from Lisa): "I just got the kindle dx for mother's day and I LOVE IT!!!!!!"

Kindle: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)

Short User's Guide to Amazon Kindle.


Tips and Trics to use your Amazon Kindle 2


More information in this video from


Is it difficult to handle?I don't think so. This picture below is solid proof.

Child and mother enjoying the latest e-reading device of Amazon.

This is the video made by Amazon Kindle. After this you know everything you
want to know about this revolutionary way of reading and what you can do ( a lot!) with it. 


This is a review by Ethan Horowitz of the first Kindle 2007 (First Generation) which was sold out within 6 hours. Note: the price he mentions in the video is outdated. See the info about the latest Kindle here: Kindle DX: Amazon's 9.7" Wireless Reading Device (Latest Generation)


This Youtube video about  the Kindle DX is a bit noisy, made on the press conference, but it gives you more information about the reading device.


      Kindle DX

The future? No it's happening today.

Kindle DX in action. Picture Facebook.

Can't find a cooler ebook reader than this, can you?


 Next Generation of Readers: The Kindle Youth







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